UK Twitter Users Follow the 79/7 Rule

Nielsen has published that in the UKTwitter Users Follow the 79/7 Rule. This means that of the users, heavy users are spending 79% on the time on twitter, and make 7% of the visitors. Interesting is the comparison with other online networking sites. Facebook has relatively a lot of heavy users, as people tend to have the pages open. Looking at LinkedIn, 5% is considered as heavy users (which is less than Twitter), and they spend 49% of the UK time in the network. Which means that there’s a smaller community actually working deeper with the online network.

Smith’s School of Business has unveiled that one in five small businesses integrate social media in their processes with Facebook and LinkedIn making the first positions. Company pages (75%) and status updates (69%) on these sites are most popular. Only 16% is using Twitter as a tool for client service, for prospecting purposes is increasing in popularity even if it requires a lot of time.


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