L-carnitine may reduce pregnancy diabetes

Prevalence of diabetes worldwide in 2000 (per ...

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Diabetes due to pregnancy is a worry in some cases, which can be prevented. The element L-carnitine may reduce diabetes during pregnancy and daily supplement of this may help reducing this kind of gestional diabetes, which may lead to diabetes-2 in later years. A deficiency of L-carnitine already may occur in the 12th week of pregnancy. L-carnitine is a normal substance in the blood and it is essential for turning fat into energy. The reasons why the level of this vitamin-like substance descreases during pregnancy is unknown.

Products that contain L-carnitine are Essential and Biolean.


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2 Responses to L-carnitine may reduce pregnancy diabetes

    • joostboers says:

      It is safe. Production takes place in FDA-controlled facilities, development is scientific and the company is eager to collect all approval stamps needed and available. In principle they are food supplements containing natural and mostly body-familiar ingredients. However, if you want to be 100% sure for your situation, please consult your doctor.

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