Ten Bad Health Habits of Women

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Especially women have to take care for these ten Bad Health Habits. I think they’re quite universal, so men are allowed continuing reading this. I give a summary, please refer to the original post for in-depth details.

  1. Not enough calcium. Women need 1,000 to 1,200mg/calcium a day which is likely to be supplemented
  2. Poor posture can lead to problems relating back, knee, hip and nack – which are easier to avoid as you can improve here.
  3. Smoking cigarettes. Obvious. Improvements will be made to circulation, cardiac-related problems, endurance, and taste.
  4. Too much alcohol, causes fat to build up in the liver.
  5. Being overweight. Leads to heart and vascular diseases, diabetes type 2, high blood pressure, knee and other joint problems…
  6. Exercise procrastination. You always can start exercise! But build it up gradually. In addition to normal walking, especially older people should try to avoid or minimise using walking racks, stand-up chairs end also using stairs is a better exercise than the elevator. At least when done partially!
  7. Bad eating habits for years, it depletes you from the nutrients you need. Especially vitamin C, E, selenium, beta-carotene and fibre are substances most people are short of.
  8. Staying too long in an unhealthy relationship has an effect on the physical health as well!
  9. Poor self-esteem can lead to depression and anxiety. This is to break through by exercise, good quality sleep and a proper diet – they help the brain to function well.
  10. Too much tanning can lead to skin cancer. Retinols, soy and anti-oxidants may help reducing the damage.

As stated before, this is a summary. The original post gives more information and also referral links to studies and source materials.


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