High doses of B vitamins improves brain

Benefits of vitamins are clear and here is another confirmation that high doses of B vitamins can reduce brain shrinkage and memory loss. Supplements dan reduce shrinkage by 50% and researchers hope in this way, Alzheimers can be delayed. To establish this, a longer research is planned. We know about people using the supplement Winrgy having benefits of better memory and forget less, even when having Alzheimer.

Normally, the brain shrinks with about .5% a year. In the research, the people receiving a placebo had a shrinkage of more than 1%, and the people with increased vitamin B about .76%, a reduction of 30%. These people received up to 300 times the recommended dose of vitamin B12 and 15 times the recommended dose of B6 which is extremely high. The results are described as ‘striking’.


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