World’s problem solved: -100kcal/day!

Runners over de Tyne Bridge in Newcastle

Great North Run athletes passing the Tyne Bridge

We attended the Think Tank for Active Healthy People which pre-ran the Great North Run in Newcastle, UK. During the keynotes, Prof Jim Hill from the University of Colorado, Denver, USA, stated that obesity has grown since the 80s and mainly caused by a higher energy intake and lower energy expenditure. Thus, an energy gap occurs. The danger is that through this energy gap, people gain weight slowly, so they are not aware of the immediate issue. Solution: taking in 100kcal a day less, or burn this amount more. Doing so, this involves a little change in behaviour which people should be able to handle – to stay at the weight. If they want to loose weight, the difference should be more, say 300kcal/day. Loosing the weight, that’s not the problem. People can do that but the real challenge is in the long run, keeping the weight on a different level. That’s more difficult!

How can you do that, take less in? Drink water instead of a cold drink once for example. Or eat fruit instead of sweets. Burning more also should be easy: make it a challenge as using a pedometer is a proven way to monitor your energy expenditure and also if you increase your efforts by walking a bit more. Walking up and down the stairs, do something physical instead of let a machine doing it. You also can use supplements that make your metabolism going and burn about 300kcal/day without changing your lifestyle. The incentive is to create a programme that makes you go, improving yourself and all. And contributing to a healthier society.

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My passion? Being independent of other people's decisions. I'm horrified with what happens to pensions, or to see that people at relatively are put aside the economy because they simply are too old... at the age of 45+. Do you want to escape this threadmill too? Take action. You can do it.
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