International Wellness Award Winner

Liz Boers-Maynard, of was one of two winners of the International Wellness Award at the Annual Wellness International Network (WIN) Awards Ceremony. The award recognises, not just Liz’s own achievements but the influence that she has had on others to help them with their wellness goals. The ceremony took place during a Caribbean Cruise on the Celebrity Solstice.

Liz - Christmas 2006Since the end of 2006, Liz has lost an average of 10 kg (22 lbs) a year to a total of almost 40 kg (88 lbs) weight lost. She went from a size 48 (UK 20) to 38/36 (UK 10). Prior to the weight loss she was at the gym 3 times a week but to little avail. WIN’s weight management and sports products helped her to “reprogramme” her body and change her lifestyle. She used the win2lose programme which combines products, including BioLean, Lipotrim, SatietĂ©, Accelerator and ProXtreme with nutrition advice and a fitness programme.

During the fitness programme she added Winrgy, Sure2Endure and Mass Appeal. These supported energy, endurance and muscle toning. A year ago she ran her first 10 k competition in Utrecht and has since run 3 half marathons, including the BUPA Great North Run this September.

Liz is now training with her local running club, the Bergse Runners, for the Paris Marathon in April 2011.

She and her husband, Joost, have also started their own marketing business: The business operates under the slogan: “Make good health your business” and is associated with WIN, with the goal of promoting physical, mental and financial wellbeing.

“Its more than just about the weight loss,” says Liz, “its about about a complete change to your life. I feel fantastic and after every achievement I set a new goal. I still have some toning to do and, continuing with the products plus the marathon training, should sort that out.” She goes on to say. “Its very strange how different I feel – I now feel more confident and people react differently to me – some people do not even recognise me! It’s a vicious circle as this also gives me more confidence and enables me to support others to reach their life goals! Winning the award and gaining the recognition from successful businessmen & women in the Wellness Industry is very special. It will help me to continue to prove to others that, if they really want to, they too can make a change to their lifestyles.”

About lizboersmaynard

I have a passion to help people in achieving their personal and financial goals. I run an international marketing business where I train business partners to improve their physical, mental and financial health and enable them to achieve financial independence.
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