B vitamin may protect air travellers’ DNA from damage

When flying on high altitudes, DNA of people may be damaged by ionisation. B vitamin may protect pilots and air travellers’ DNA from damage according to research by the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation. Pilots and crew are exposed to a higher than average radiation than any other workers, including those in nuclear power plants. Vitamin B3 plays according to the British Journal of Nutrition a role in the repair of DNA after DNA strand breaks. The sugarfree Winrgy contains amongst others 155mg niacin (or vitamin B3), contributing to alertness and protection of the people who are so important to air travellers!


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My passion? Being independent of other people's decisions. I'm horrified with what happens to pensions, or to see that people at relatively are put aside the economy because they simply are too old... at the age of 45+. Do you want to escape this threadmill too? Take action. You can do it.
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