Free food for fat people

heart attack grill

Image by Joits via Flickr

This is a stunt of the Heart Attack Grill in Chandler: people over 150kg eat for free. This fastfood restaurant is serving burgers with names like Quadruple Bypass Burger and Flatline Fries. In a country where two third of the population is overweight, this is a bit of a weird special offer. By the way – it’s not only the case in the USA, also in the UK and the Netherlands, being overweight is a label to fit on more than half the citizens.


About joostboers

My passion? Being independent of other people's decisions. I'm horrified with what happens to pensions, or to see that people at relatively are put aside the economy because they simply are too old... at the age of 45+. Do you want to escape this threadmill too? Take action. You can do it.
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