New Year’s Resolutions – Saving Money

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Dutch research from the ING Bank reveals that people want to emphasise on saving money with their New Year’s resolutions. More than half of the people want to live healthier: less candy and snacks are important and quitting smoking is seen as a way to save money. Two-third thinks of better watching the prices when shopping or leave the car more often. This is different than Kansas City’s top-10, which has spending more time with family & friends on the first place, followed by fit in fitness, weight management, quitting smoking and enjoy life more. Okay, there is a great common point in there as well… How about your New Year’s resolutions? I’m curious about them!


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My passion? Being independent of other people's decisions. I'm horrified with what happens to pensions, or to see that people at relatively are put aside the economy because they simply are too old... at the age of 45+. Do you want to escape this threadmill too? Take action. You can do it.
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1 Response to New Year’s Resolutions – Saving Money

  1. Sajib says:

    Yes, saving money can be a real good resolution for the New Year although I totally forgot to include it in my list of resolutions. 😉

    Happy New Year.

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