The danger of overportioning

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One of the aspects of people getting overweight is that the portions are getting bigger. This is a creeping-in danger as people tend to eat what they have on their plates (however the doggy bag or box may help here as well). So: how to control this better?

  1. Weigh the food before cooking. Just cook what you need for the meals.
  2. Control snacking, this can approach 526 calories a day, significant to the basic metabolic rate!
  3. Don’t sample the food when you are cooking, also: grazing
  4. Eat your food from a plate and not from the container, bag or box
  5. Fill yourself up with ‘good’ food: fruits help you to feel less hungry but are effective in low-calories
  6. Put the food that you will not eat away before you actually sit and eat. That prevents you of taking seconds
  7. Eat at home, and if you eat out, ask the waiter to put the over-portion in the doggybox BEFORE he is going to serve! Also sharing a dish (for example the pudding which often is rich) contributes
  8. Allow time to eat, don’t eat in a rush as you will tend to eat more
  9. Drink water, sodas contain lots of sugars and alcohols will change into fat
  10. Listen to your body and eat when you need to, not when the habit tells it’s about time
  11. Just skip pudding!
  12. Know how a healthy portion is looking like: just a fist full
  13. Also be forgivefull to yourself: if you had a bad day, tomorrow will be a new opportunity. Just do it.

Keeping portions in control, is already a start to keep your body in balance. That’s an important given!


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My passion? Being independent of other people's decisions. I'm horrified with what happens to pensions, or to see that people at relatively are put aside the economy because they simply are too old... at the age of 45+. Do you want to escape this threadmill too? Take action. You can do it.
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