How to arm yourself against radiation?

Map of Japan with Fukushima highlighted

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The nuclear disaster of the Fukushima power plant which occurred after the earthquake of 11th March 2011 and the following tsunami spreads its cloud all over the world. Radiation already has been measured here. How to guard your body against the consequences? Potassium iodine is a know source and an article goes deeper into it. The minimum amount should be 130mg to be effective. As discussions (in The Netherlands) are being held in the media how the radiation really is, it’s good to be careful. Sources say that you don’t need to be scared as the radiation is not much higher than normal, others have equipment showing that the radiation actually is much higher, even dangerous. It’s important for you to know that the iodine should be taken into the body and therefore not artificial. A product like Phytovite contains in a daily dosis 150mg iodine, as well as gingko biloba extract which also has radiation-protective characteristics and many more anti-oxidants keeping your health optimal.


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