Election Shines Light on Food Nutrients

Spotted forms of Aloe vera are sometimes known...

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Foodwatch.nl is currently running an election on false promises on labels of food products. Nominees are Blue Band Goede Start Witbrood, which should contain fibres and grains. These are in fact artificially treated wood fibres which don’t have the same preventive health effect than natural ingredients. Unilever claims people should need 25g of fibres a day which in reality is 30-40g. Add to this that 90% of Dutch people already are suffering a shortage of fibres.

Crystal Clear Shine Cranberry Vlierbloesem is the second candidate. Vitamines are added and a low-calory sweetener is added. Aloe vera which is included as well is good in cremes but when digested it has not the same effect.

The next miracle is the Limburg Asparagus soup of Honig. This contains just half a fingertip of asparagus (and you are advised to add some more), the taste is accelerated by added taste enhancers. The regional indication is just an indication of the recipe, as regional recipes are a trend at this moment.

Liga FruitKick claims to be a healthy alternative to other fruit bars. It contains just 6.7% fruit fibres, which is be enhanced by stuffing and sugar. The main ingredient of the fruit stuffing is glucose-fructose sirop which is a possible cause of overweight.

Nestlé Fruit Apple-Pear is a milk to give a baby after stopping breast feeding. It contains just 7% fruit: strawberry mush and pear juice. This is used to get to the same sugar level of breast milk without adding sugars.

This information also shows that natural vitamins and nutrients are better than artificial added ingredients, which are not taken into the body. And that the labelling of products is not always telling what is in the actual product.

Last year, Actimel won the election of misleading food information. Voting is possible on the website: www.foodwatch.nl.

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