Nail Salon Workers Affected by Chemicals

Nail Salon (13)

Image by madhatrk via Flickr

In the US, advocates are urging for regulation of the chemicals use in nail salons. Nail polish, dyes and hair straighteners are not always labelled properly but the ingredients can be harmful and cause problems such as cancer, birth defects and more. Complaints of headaches, seizures and eye irritation after working a long time are common. A study showed that in some Californian salons there is a high level of toluene. Also chemicals that are banned for a long time in the States, for example methyl-methacrylate were found in some salons.

The US is hosting about 57,000 salons, employing about 375,000 nail technicians. Half of them are Vietnamese immigrants who not always speak English. As the products not always are labelled, the difference is not so important for them. It’s an honour to realise people are putting their lifes on stake to serve you!


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