Discussion on lap bands for children


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In the US, the FDA is likely to approve the application of lap bands for kids of 14 years and older. This is a kind of ring placed around the stomach so the kid feels full quicker and eats less. There are side effects such as nausea and vomiting blood. Most importantly, it is not known how the implantated material will be after a longer time as the technique is known since 2001. Alternative treatment is a gastric bypass, reducing the size of the stomach. This is a surgery which can not be reversed and therefore also is subject to controversy.

For me, the idea of both surgeries is not appealing to me. We know of very good results of people increasing their metabolism using supplements like Biolean or Biolean Free, in combination with exercises. I even would recommend to really try this method before applying any surgery as this is not as durable as it may seem like.


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