Marketing tip: Use the products you promote


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Marketing is about making people enthusiast to buy products that are promoted. Often, these promotions are made by an agency. Do you think it is easy to promote a product that you don’t know in reality? Are you able to really promote a product if you don’t know how it feels, how it looks, how it works? Do you think it’s strange is an owner of say a Mercedes dealership is driving a BMW? Don’t you thnk sometimes: how did that agency get to make this statement on a product – they would do otherwise if they’d known it? That’s why David Ogilvy had the habit of using the products he was promoting. Just to know what he was talking about and to see sometimes surprising benefits.

If the marketing is done by the owner of a company, it’s no more than natural if he is to use the own products. Do you think a butcher is buying the meat from the supermarket instead of his own shop? Or that a computer specialist is buying his computers from another shop instead of using his own stock? If he is thinking his products or services are superiour, of course, not using them is no option!

Using the products you promote is a great tool to have in-depth experience with them – and you will be able to recommend them in a convincing way. You are the authority – who can take away the experience you have with your own products or services? I bet no-one can.


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