Marketing tip: sampling works

Olive oil with Balsamic Vinegar

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Do you like to get free product? Do you like to try before you buy, so you know what you will get and what the results are? Why would other people not experience these results? That’s why sampling is powerful. It leads to additional purchase as people have the product experience. They know if they like it, they know they want to have more if the product is finished. These are the elements which makes a car salesman to ask you to test-drive the car you like to purchase. Once you have touched the wheel, have felt the acceleration, the smooth gear change and when you have seen that the boot can carry the results of the shopping spree, you are more likely to buy it.

When you visit a wine shop, are you getting away there without having been offered a tasting? Chances are you like it. The same for perfumes, cheese, olive oil,… name it. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Once you had it, you like it and you want more. Done deal.

Even Apple has understood this principle. In the Apple Store, people can use a huge number of iPhones and iPads to experience that the things the want to do with them will succeed. That is is easy to read the mail, to log into Facebook and find new contacts using LinkedIn. In de Apple Store in Regent Street London, the shop was packed with people who just wanted one thing: experience the gadgets. Apple wouldn’t do it if this was not profitable. Believe me.



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