Archery in the woods, shooting animals

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Yes, we did it! In Dutch, we say: shoot a billygoat (een bok schieten) – which means that you have done something stupid. But we did it, today, in a clever way. We took some arches and arrows and shot animals: a rabbit, a fox, a billygoat, a deer. They were plastic which is normal practice in the so-called 3D archery discipline. It was a surprise: we had expected to have to point to targets in a field so we were not dressed for walking in the woods (especially looking at our shoes) but it was so much fun! Where golf involves walking on a field, hitting small balls to a put and trying to find the ones that went off-track, 3D archery is more or less the same. In woods, artificial animals are hidden and a marker is a reference to put at least one foot. With a ribbon, the track leads to the next animal. In a competition, you go with about five archers. And you have to target the animals with the arrows, and find and retrieve the arrows that missed target (which sometimes is a challenge!). We did it at short distances: 30m max which is kids game for the experienced archers, who brought compound arches where we used Olympic arches. The movie below shows our way round. After this challenging work, our hunger was taken care of by a huge barbecue which was prepared for us. Wouldn’t want to have missed it! Did you ever practice archery? And for golfers who are archers as well: which sport do you like better?


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3 Responses to Archery in the woods, shooting animals

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  2. Samantha says:

    I’m a field archer in England and have been shooting 3D targets for over 4 years – it is sooo much fun and a great way to keep fit and socialise with so many lovely like-minded people x Glad to hear you enjoyed our wonderful sport!!!

  3. I’m from the UK and originally from a target archery background (GNAS), but have been shooting at a field archery (NFAS) club for the last couple of years. I am a member of both societies, but must say, Ienjoy field archery a lot more than target archery. There’s nothing better than a casual walk through the forest, taking stratigic shots at 3D’s. I’m glad you enjoy the sport.

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