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My passion? Being independent of other people's decisions. I'm horrified with what happens to pensions, or to see that people at relatively are put aside the economy because they simply are too old... at the age of 45+. Do you want to escape this threadmill too? Take action. You can do it.

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This blog has been moved to the definitve site of – and this will not be updated here. So if you want to follow new posts, please (re) subscribe on the home page of (using the box in … Continue reading

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Ploegenloop met energie draagt bij aan de prestaties van team van Jaarbeurs Utrecht dat meedoet aan de RoPaRun. De sporters gaan in twee ploegen van acht lopers en vier fietsers, met ondersteuning, van Parijs naar Rotterdam lopen tijdens het Pinksterweekeinde. Een enorme … Continue reading

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Kwart vroeggeboorten door overgewicht moeder

Hoewel een groot deel van de vroeggeboorten wordt geweten aan bijvoorbeeld roken, staat overgewicht bovenaan als oorzaak van kinderen die te vroeg worden geboren. Bij een kwart van de te vroeg geboren kinderen is de moeder te zwaar. Bij etnische … Continue reading

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Will this Christmas make a difference?

Just watching ads on the UK telly. Turkeys are flying round, as do mince pies and present suggestions. The holiday season normally is one to celebrate, to enjoy. Many people do. However, there is this year an important sharp edge … Continue reading

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Decide in business. You always can do it differently

Last week, I spoke to a business man who has a couple of marinas and a huge historical Mercedes-Benz collections, and a yacht transport firm. We came to talk about what he found valuable in business. His reply was: ‘Make … Continue reading

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How is it some people never are sick?

I haven’t called in sick for the last 22 years. Yes, I may have had an accidental cold and sneeze. But that’s about it. Do you know more of them, people who never seem to have their aches and pains, … Continue reading

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What will your pension bring you? Really?

The headline in our (Dutch) newspaper ‘Pension Cut Expected’ attracted my attention this morning. The pension funds should be better now? No, in contrary. Roughly half of the (big) pension funds in the Netherlands (compulsory contribution, collective arrangements) are expected … Continue reading

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Your Business Can Survive – in Any Economy!

Forbes describes in a great article how any business can survive and grow, in any economy. I think the article touches to a couple of enrtepreneur’s characteristics and bare business basics. For example the stock market. This seems to be a … Continue reading

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Aan afwisselende voeding heb je niet genoeg. Echt niet.

Apologies English readers, a Dutch post this time. We horen vaak van mensen dat ze voedingssuppletie onzin vinden. ‘We eten al afwisselend en krijgen daarbij genoeg en gezonde stoffen naar binnen’. Dat blijkt dus niet te kloppen. Onderzoek wijst uit, … Continue reading

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Living where you like, working where you like

A lot of people enjoy where they living, they do the work they like. They say. But did you ever get a blank sheet of paper and write down how and where you would live, work and what you would … Continue reading

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