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Running together apart – Rotterdam Marathon training

It was a great idea to run our long run of the week together. 13 Bergse Runners¬†(including 1 on a bike) gathered at Martien’s & Irme’s house in Hilversum to run 26 km together. We are training for a combination … Continue reading

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Will this Christmas make a difference?

Just watching ads on the UK telly. Turkeys are flying round, as do mince pies and present suggestions. The holiday season normally is one to celebrate, to enjoy. Many people do. However, there is this year an important sharp edge … Continue reading

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What will your pension bring you? Really?

The headline in our (Dutch) newspaper ‘Pension Cut Expected’ attracted my attention this morning. The pension funds should be better now? No, in contrary. Roughly half of the (big) pension funds in the Netherlands (compulsory contribution, collective arrangements) are expected … Continue reading

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Your Business Can Survive – in Any Economy!

Forbes describes in a great article¬†how any business can survive and grow, in any economy. I think the article touches to a couple of enrtepreneur’s characteristics and bare business basics. For example the stock market. This seems to be a … Continue reading

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The value of regional produce

On one of our trips to the UK, a friend of us, involved in the Artisan Food Trail made us aware of the Essex Food & Drink Festival which was held on the grounds of the characteristic Cressing Temple Barn. … Continue reading

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Marketing tip: sampling works

Do you like to get free product? Do you like to try before you buy, so you know what you will get and what the results are? Why would other people not experience these results? That’s why sampling is powerful. … Continue reading

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Heavier partner accepted with higher income

A Spanish research has shown that heavyer partners are compensated in likeness when they have a higher income. This can compensate the weight of a potential date. The higher BMI can be compensated if the partner earns about 4 dollar … Continue reading

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Bonuses in The Netherlands at before-crisis level

In the Netherlands, the CEOs of the AEX top-25 earn 78 million euros as bonuses. They can be a part of the salary and a top-up. This level is comparable to the level before the crisis. The exchange activity however … Continue reading

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Starting and small business versus rules

The Netherlands faces an economy that is say crippling. People and professionals are put outof their jobs and try to create an existence, which can get difficult if they also have to deal with a mortgage that can change towards … Continue reading

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The marketing approach of the new economy

Interesting that great business people such as Warren Buffett, Bill Clinton, Robert Kyosaki, Charlotte Phelps, Paul Zane Pilzer, Jim Rohn, David Bach, Brian Tracy, Seth Godin have one thing in common: they are supporting network marketing. This should open the … Continue reading

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