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Afvallen betekent niet: afknijpdieet

Heb je bij je goede voornemens voor 2011 “afvallen” (na de feestdagen) staan?. Dat is de centrale vraag die Elsewine stelt in haar post. Mensen die af willen vallen, denken dat te doen door hun voeding af te knijpen. Dat … Continue reading

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Lijnen is niet de oplossing

Met de goede voornemens in het vooruitzicht, wijst onderzoek uit dat lijnen niet de oplossing is voor mensen met obesitas. Het jojo-effect is namelijk mogelijk schadelijker. Belangrijker is dat gewicht eraf gaat, omdat dit goed is voor hart- en vaatziekten maar … Continue reading

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Smoking and losing weight

Today, we read in our newspaper that women en girls tend to smoke (or not quit smoking) because they want to loose weight or becasue they are afraid getting heavier. Several research sources tend to support this, but others are … Continue reading

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World’s problem solved: -100kcal/day!

We attended the Think Tank for Active Healthy People which pre-ran the Great North Run in Newcastle, UK. During the keynotes, Prof Jim Hill from the University of Colorado, Denver, USA, stated that obesity has grown since the 80s and … Continue reading

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UK Youth Food Programme Cuts “double-whammy”

The UK is planning so sober up its recently-launched 3-year campaign Change4Life, which aims to get children under 12 to eat healthier. The campaign compares a stone-age family hunting for food with a modern family dealing with youtube and games. The … Continue reading

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GP’s see more obese folk than smokers

Obese visit GP more often than smokers, research says This is a huge problem that we are doing to ourselves – it can lead to chronic diseases, diabetes and death. In many ways its good news that they want to … Continue reading

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