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Decide in business. You always can do it differently

Last week, I spoke to a business man who has a couple of marinas and a huge historical Mercedes-Benz collections, and a yacht transport firm. We came to talk about what he found valuable in business. His reply was: ‘Make … Continue reading

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Your Business Can Survive – in Any Economy!

Forbes describes in a great article¬†how any business can survive and grow, in any economy. I think the article touches to a couple of enrtepreneur’s characteristics and bare business basics. For example the stock market. This seems to be a … Continue reading

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Living where you like, working where you like

A lot of people enjoy where they living, they do the work they like. They say. But did you ever get a blank sheet of paper and write down how and where you would live, work and what you would … Continue reading

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The value of regional produce

On one of our trips to the UK, a friend of us, involved in the Artisan Food Trail made us aware of the Essex Food & Drink Festival which was held on the grounds of the characteristic Cressing Temple Barn. … Continue reading

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Discussion on lap bands for children

In the US, the FDA is likely to approve the application of lap bands for kids of 14 years and older. This is a kind of ring placed around the stomach so the kid feels full quicker and eats less. … Continue reading

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Relation Between Sleep and Performance

Lack of sleep may lead to poor performance, is a conclusion that often is assumed and also research shows this. The researchers of the medical faculty of Harvard think that unless sleep deprivation doesn’t make the headlines, it contributed to … Continue reading

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Small networking world

A meeting we had yesterday evening illustrated the small world of nowadays world, also in ‘real life’ networking. First, we were with friends in Brussels. They had a friend visiting, who had been working at Reed Elsevier with an overlap … Continue reading

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The marketing approach of the new economy

Interesting that great business people such as Warren Buffett, Bill Clinton, Robert Kyosaki, Charlotte Phelps, Paul Zane Pilzer, Jim Rohn, David Bach, Brian Tracy, Seth Godin have one thing in common: they are supporting network marketing. This should open the … Continue reading

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How to arm yourself against radiation?

The nuclear disaster of the Fukushima power plant which occurred after the earthquake of 11th March 2011 and the following tsunami spreads its cloud all over the world. Radiation already has been measured here. How to guard your body against … Continue reading

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Dietary Guidelines: More Exercise, Less Food

The excellent newspaper WSJ.com reports the new¬†Dietary Guidelines Call for More Exercise, Less Food. Every five years, the US Department of Agriculture issues the new dietary guidelines and guess what – this edition the obesity fight has made its mark. … Continue reading

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