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Win2Lose Before the Holiday Season

The summer season is approaching rapidly. The time most people enjoy getting a tan on the beach. But how do you look like in bikinis or for men, in swim suit? Most people don’t want to look like one of … Continue reading

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Discussion on lap bands for children

In the US, the FDA is likely to approve the application of lap bands for kids of 14 years and older. This is a kind of ring placed around the stomach so the kid feels full quicker and eats less. … Continue reading

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The danger of overportioning

One of the aspects of people getting overweight is that the portions are getting bigger. This is a creeping-in danger as people tend to eat what they have on their plates (however the doggy bag or box may help here … Continue reading

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De 9, nee, 10 manieren om verkeerd af te vallen

Er zijn veel blogs en veel adviezen over afvallen. Die zijn ook erg populair. Het is soms wel handig om even te zien wat je niet moet doen, en daar helpt het lijstje van GezondheidsNet bij: Verkeerd afvallen: 9 valkuilen. In … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions – Saving Money

Dutch research from the ING Bank reveals that people want to emphasise on saving money with their New Year’s resolutions. More than half of the people want to live healthier: less candy and snacks are important and quitting smoking is seen … Continue reading

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Lijnen is niet de oplossing

Met de goede voornemens in het vooruitzicht, wijst onderzoek uit dat lijnen niet de oplossing is voor mensen met obesitas. Het jojo-effect is namelijk mogelijk schadelijker. Belangrijker is dat gewicht eraf gaat, omdat dit goed is voor hart- en vaatziekten maar … Continue reading

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Feeling-Healthy.net wins International Wellness Award

It was really special to be recognised for losing more than 80 lbs and for encouraging others to take control of their lives. The news travels fast and far as Liz’s home town, Biggleswade, reports on the occassion.Wellness Award Biggleswade … Continue reading

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International Wellness Award Winner

Liz Boers-Maynard, of Feeling-Healthy.net was one of two winners of the International Wellness Award at the Annual Wellness International Network (WIN) Awards Ceremony. The award recognises, not just Liz’s own achievements but the influence that she has had on others … Continue reading

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World’s problem solved: -100kcal/day!

We attended the Think Tank for Active Healthy People which pre-ran the Great North Run in Newcastle, UK. During the keynotes, Prof Jim Hill from the University of Colorado, Denver, USA, stated that obesity has grown since the 80s and … Continue reading

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